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Boxed Sets

Increase giving up to 15%

Our boxed set program provides a year’s worth of custom or preprinted envelopes that are mailed directly to your members’ homes or are shipped to the church for pick-up. Boxed sets have been shown to increase giving by 10% to 15%.

Sending envelopes to their homes reminds church members of the importance of giving, and the inclusion of special occasion envelopes informs them about special campaigns.

You may design your own envelopes, and you’ll want to take advantage of the numbering systems that make for easier record-keeping. You may also choose to include some of our preprinted inspirational messages.

We also have message sets that feature colorful and inspirational messages on the back of the envelopes. The messages encourage gracious and generous giving habits. Choose from three designs, each of which has the same customizing options as our regular custom boxes.

Boxed set orders begin at 20 sets.

Addressed Boxed Sets

Personalized for the individual church member, these custom offering envelopes streamline
the distribution of envelopes and improves contribution recording. And they can be picked up at the church or mailed to the members easily.


Children and Youth Sets

Age-appropriate envelopes in four categories: K-2nd Grade, 3rd-4th Grades, 5th-12th Grades, and our “Quick Facts” series. All children’s sets feature colorful, creative, and educational envelopes.

Inspiration Series.jpg

Inspiration Series Sets

These preprinted envelopes come with the words “faith,” “love,” “hope,” and “joy” printed on the front along with Bible verses. Each set will feature envelopes with all four words.

Reflections of Faith Web Image 276x116_2

Reflections of Faith

Print a custom message on the front of your envelopes.


Preprinted Church Envelope Sets

Cost-efficient, these are ideal for your entire church, small groups, or when you need envelopes right away. They are consecutively numbered and perpetually dated. Customization is available on select designs.


Envelope available in the following colors

White with colored


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