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Mailing Program

Increase giving up to 30%

Offering envelope mailing programs allow you to remind membership of the importance of tithing on a regular, predetermined basis. Other communication pieces can be added such as contribution statements, newsletters, and reply envelopes. Research has shown that churches see an increase in giving from 10% to 30% when they switch to a mailing program from a more traditional approach for envelope distribution.

You save time and energy because we handle everything. All you do is keep the mailing list updated via our mailing service concierge throughout the year, and we take it from there. And you and your staff get to focus on other aspects of your ministry.

Monthly, Bimonthly, Quarterly

Choose how often your members receive envelopes: monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly.


Weekly Envelopes

Design your envelope to reflect your church’s needs by identifying specific funds like debt reduction and missions in addition to the general budget.


Contribution Statements

Quickly and conveniently update members on their pledges to your church to enhance their dedication to financial stewardship. Includes an inspirational message on the reverse side of the contribution statements.


Newsletter Inserts

Communicate with your members via inserts in the mailing packages to speak with them about activities, to increase stewardship awareness, and more.


Spotlight Card

Highlight an upcoming event or giving opportunity like a mission trip with a Spotlight Card.


Courtesy Reply Envelopes

Equip your members to mail their tithes and offerings if they know they’ll be out of town or otherwise unable to attend services.


Our Mailing Service Concierge means you’ll talk to the same representative each time you call to place an order or ask a question. And our online file manager means you have total control of your mailing list.

Envelope available in the following colors

White with colored


Envelopes with

address window

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 1.27.28 PM.png

*Also available in White

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