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Bulk Envelopes

Increase spontaneous gifts and guest donations

Placing envelopes in the pew racks is a traditional way to provide envelopes to your members, regular attendees, and visitors alike.

Their presence communicates the importance of giving to both the general budget and special campaigns within the life of the church.

They are budget-friendly, and available in quantities starting at 100 depending on the type of envelope ordered.

Pew and Welcome Offering Envelopes Place these in your pew racks to encourage every person attending your services—member and visitor alike—to give. They also provide an avenue for you to receive a record of a newcomer’s visit.


Ministry Needs Offering Envelopes

Communicate the need and raise money for things like maintenance or specific areas of ministry. Some personalization is available. Ordered in bulk in increments of 100 and shipped immediately.

Special Occasion & Seasonal.jpg

Special Offering Envelopes

These can be used for different reasons: a family in the church has an unexpected need, a love offering for a visiting speaker or musician, or a sudden facility repair is needed. Ordered in bulk in increments of 100 and shipped immediately.


Special Occasion Offering Envelopes

Whether it is to serve the needy in your community, feed the hungry around the world, or give in the aftermath of a natural disaster, these envelopes help your members share the love of Christ with others.

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Custom Bulk Offering Envelopes

Design your church’s envelopes with as much or as little customization as you wish. Personalizing the envelopes to your needs helps members connect their giving with the importance of specific needs.


Envelopes That Promote Your Online Giving Options

We also have envelopes that can communicate that the giver has given online. You can use these to promote your digital giving avenues. We also have digital giving options through Lifeway eGiving.


Envelope available in the following colors

White with colored


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