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Offering By Mail

from Lifeway Envelope Service

The coronavirus outbreak has led to online or modified services for churches across the country. Help your church connect to your members and make it easier for them to contribute during this challenging time with Offering By Mail from Lifeway Envelope Service. 

What Is Offering By Mail?


An Offering By Mail packet is mailed directly to your members' homes, and makes it easier for them to give while your doors are closed.

Each packet contains up to 12 Remittance envelopes, which are pre-addressed to your church, and pre-printed with the member's return address. The member just needs to:

  1. Insert their weekly offering envelope and/or contribution in a remittance envelope.

  2. Add a stamp.

  3. Return the envelope in the mail.

It's that easy!

Each package contains the following:

Just hover over the image to scroll and learn more!

To get started, contact us at 800.874.6319,, or fill out our form below.

*Please note: Due to the immediate challenges facing many of our churches, speed and affordability are our primary concerns. With that in mind, aside from your church and member address, Offering By Mail is entirely pre-printed and cannot be customized.

Program Benefits

Improved Contribution Frequency

​Provide a simple way for your members to contribute during this challenging time.

Minimal Administrative Tasks

Lifeway Envelope Service delivers the Offering By Mail packets directly to your members' homes. Taking additional work off your busy, remote or reduced staff.

Get Started Quickly

Our mailing specialists make enrollment easy, and there are NO set-up fees.

Easy to Use

Each Offering By Mail packet is packaged in an envelope containing your church's name and address - so your members will know exactly who it's from.

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