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Special Occasion &

The holidays and special emphases are often times when you need more than just your usual envelopes that are for giving to the general budget.

We have envelopes that help your members give toward special funds for Christmas and Easter (like the Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong offerings for missions), for serving the needy in your community, for feeding the hungry around the world, for providing help following disasters, and countless other special offerings.

These envelopes are an easy and budget-friendly way to communicate to your church the opportunities to make a difference in the name of Christ.

All envelopes, except Global Hunger Relief are ordered in quantities of 100.  Global Hunger Relief can be ordered in quantities starting at 250.

Ask us about the new Special Emphasis Pack.  This pack contains 100 each of our six most popular special occasion and seasonal envelopes for only $40.

Download our flyer below to learn more.

You can also purchase our Special Emphasis Pack online.

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