LifeWay Envelope Service

church envelopesSteeped in tradition, LifeWay has strived to make sure we are giving the best possible product and services to our customers. That being said, we have developed a variety of offering envelope programs that are designed to fit your church’s needs and budget. By utilizing one or all of our envelope programs, you will see an increase in your church’s offerings as well as a more established and consistent giving base.

Our mailing program will allow you to send offering envelopes to your members’ homes on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis. The opportunities with a mailing program are numerous and it is one of the best ways to reach out to your members.

Our boxed sets will provide your members with a year’s worth of offering envelopes. By giving a member their own envelopes, you are reminding them of the importance of their weekly tithe.

The versatility of our bulk envelopes will provide you with a church envelope that fits your needs. You can use them as welcome envelopes for visitors or even as special offering envelopes including holidays or missions.

By choosing to use one of our envelope programs, you are taking the first steps in helping to
increase your church’s offerings. An offering envelope placed in the hands of your members acts as a wonderful invitation, an invitation to give.

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